The Sewcial Lab elevates your sewing experience by providing inspiration, education and connection. We select projects from bestselling titles from some of the most prolific and talented sewists in the industry! Enjoy a sense of accomplishment and creative fulfillment through community engagement and support. Enter The Lab for the information - stay for the transformation.

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There are 4 main components to your membership experience


To each new project from our bestseller we will add photos, resources and tips. Begin curating your supplies and share your fabric pulls with your peers. Daydreaming about your completed project at this stage is perfectly normal by the way.


Indulge in the monthly video content and begin tackling your project. Cut, stitch and assemble. Having challenges? Ask your community for help. We're here for you. Experiencing a win? Sharing is encouraged so we can cheer~loudly!


We will go live on video every month with Q&A to address questions or challenges you may be experiencing. We will leave no sewist behind! Lean into the community all month long, but tune in for realtime sharing of additional inspiration and tips.


We'll go live again at the end of the month to celebrate with show & tell. Your achievements will be applauded by your fellow members and you'll be propelled by the momentum to prepare for next month. You'll get a sneak peek of the next project then. Hurray!

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