Membership has benefits


as we launch Club BERNINA - an annual VIP Membership. We invite all BERNINA owners and enthusiasts to become members and enjoy the benefits of membership:

  • One complimentary cleaning for your primary BERNINA domestic machine
  • Half-price cleaning on your additional BERNINA domestic machines
  • Complimentary "quick-fixes"
  • 25% off MSRP on all BERNINA accessories, all the time
  • 15% minimum off MSRP for new BERNINA machine purchases
  • Unlimited mastery classes
  • Discounts on furniture
  • Reduced delivery and installation charges for furniture and longarm packages
  • Unadvertised promotions
  • Priority registration for BERNINA workshops
  • Dedicated newsletter
  • Value-added resources
  • and more to come

We are absolutely thrilled to offer the Club BERNINA membership to our amazing customers! At our core, we're dedicated to serving our community with the highest level of care and attention, and this membership takes that commitment to a whole new level.


We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and support, and the Club BERNINA membership is the ultimate expression of that dedication. With this program, we'll be able to provide even more resources, education, and exclusive perks to help our customers take their sewing skills and creativity to new heights.


We can't wait to welcome you into the Club BERNINA community and continue to serve you with the care and attention you've come to expect from us.

The Modern Sewist Team
Karis, Michelle, Jill, Cassidy, Mary, and Casey


Club BERNINA - A VIP Membership




Memberships are billed on an annual basis. They are non-transferrable and non-refundable. When you sign up, you will be asked to provide your serial number and machine model so it can be registered for its complimentary cleaning!

Open enrollment for current BERNINA owners closes on June 30th. Memberships are always available when purchasing a new machine.

A few thoughts from new members ...

from Leslie

In the past thirty-five years, I’ve purchased nine Bernina’s (including sergers) and dealt with five Bernina dealers. The Modern Sewist is, hands down, the very BEST dealership I’ve worked with. The customer service is attentive, knowledgeable, personable, and involves downright TLC.

Since I still possess five Bernina’s, becoming a member of Club BERNINA was a no-brainer. The discounted maintenance costs alone will pay for the membership, and then there are all the fabulous additional perks of being a member.

Run, don’t walk to becoming a  Club BERNINA VIP member. I’m glad I did.

from Debbie

I have found that everything that The Modern Sewist creates for our sewing community is done with a lot of care and thought.  So, when the Club BERNINA was offered, I joined because I found that Karis and the staff have always had my best interests in mind.  For example, I dropped my stitch plate and was ready to buy a new one, but Michelle said the old one could be repaired for a nominal fee. 

The integrity and knowledge of my Bernina are what prompted me to join.  I know my machines will be well cared for and correctly repaired. The education component of the club is also important to me - to learn more about what my Bernina is capable of sewing.

from Karen

Thanks for creating the new Club BERNINA. The VIP program offers a lot of really great advantages and I'm happy to be a member!  The complimentary cleaning for my BERNINA, and the savings on cleanings for other machines, is a great way to make sure my machines get their annual Spa days. 

The reductions on new machines and accessories all year round are much better than waiting and hoping that a BERNINA sale comes through when needed.

Most importantly, the Modern Sewist team is very knowledgeable and always ready to help with questions. The extra mastery classes and newsletter will keep me updated on the latest news and help me get the most out of my machine.  Thanks for treating your customers like a VIP all year long!!!



  • As a member you will receive 1 complimentary cleaning for your primary BERNINA domestic machine. Value, $100-$165
  • Complimentary quick fixes. A "quick fix" is defined as a repair or adjustment which takes under 30 minutes. This service is offered as time and availability permits. Value, $25 per occurrence.
  • Half-price cleaning on additional BERNINA machines which are registered in your name. Value, $50+ ... how many machines do you own? 😉
  • Reduced charge on home visits for longarm cleaning and service.



ACCESSORIES: As a member, you will always receive a 25% discount on all BERNINA accessories, including feet, Big Book series, embroidery hoops, luggage, chairs, and software.

[DID YOU KNOW? The average BERNINA owner purchases between 5-30 additional feet alone. The savings on Karis' 5 favorite feet and 1 Big Book is worth more than the price of membership!]

FUTURE MACHINE PURCHASES: You are guaranteed a minimum of 15% off MSRP for any future machine purchases. Rest assured, if there is a promotion with greater savings (or a price to match), we will honor the best price we can. Your continued (or future) business is important to us.



  • As a member, you will receive unlimited mastery classes ~ whether you purchased your BERNINA from The Modern Sewist or elsewhere. Mastery Classes are provided for models currently covered in the BERNINA Mastery workbooks only.
  • You will receive a dedicated newsletter with resources, early access to workshops, and unadvertised promotions.
  • Added discounts for furniture, and delivery and installation fees.
  • Personalized VIP code for BERNINA accessories purchased on our website.
  • Bonuses and surprises (we can't give it all away at one time, right?)


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